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Established 1980
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Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary
Should my child learn dancing?

Beginner ballet classes are designed for girls and boys aged from 3 years. Children learn the basics of ballet, while ensuring each class is fun, and can also receive progress awards.

Each child has their own personality and needs to be treated accordingly. Our experienced teachers have much knowledge in developing, promoting and celebrating the skills of all students.

Classical ballet, in particular, develops poise, co-ordination, self confidence, musicality, and for the more advanced, self discipline and a prominent air which people notice in a dancer.

These traits seem to remain within the dancer for years to come and the affection for ballet can be a long and rewarding hobby, if not a career.

As the students progress, dancing provides never-ending challenges and achievements.


Hair in Bun

Light Pink Leotard (Ballet 1, 2, 3)

Dusty Pink Leotard (Ballet 4 & 5)

Pink Matching Ballet Skirt

Ballet Tights & Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Pink Crossover

Black 3/4 Tights (Jazz)

Tan Jazz Shoes - no laces

Tan Tap Shoes

Hair in Bun

ENERGETIKS Leotard Style and Colours:
Grade 1-2 : Lilac
Grade 3-4 : Cerise
Grade 5-6 : Aubergine
Code: CL11/AL11 Wide strap cami
(or thin strap - Lilac only)

BLOCH Leotard Style and Colours:
Grade 1-2 : Lilac
Grade 3-4 : Boysenberry
Grade 5-6 : Plum
Celena Classic P/L - Code L3854G or L3854
(or thin strap - Lilac only)

Intermediate, Advanced 1 & 2: Navy Leotard

Wrap Skirt - matching colour (Cecchetti)

Crossover - Pink Cotton/Lycra or Energetiks knitted Crossover

Ballet Tights & Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Black ¾ Tights (Jazz)

Camberwell VIC 3124 ~ For further details, phone Sylvia 03 9555 0035, Debra 03 9729 8574 or email

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